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Benefits of Laughter Yoga

Here we have some examples for you about the benefits of laughter. Laughter can do the world of good for you, it helps with everything from making you have a better day, to helping you deal with more long term issues such as fibromyalgia symptoms as it increases immune system activity.

  1. Laughter is a stress buster….....it actually changes your body chemistry and unwinds the negative effects of stress.

  2. Laughter promotes inner tranquility and relaxation.

  3. Laughter strengthens the immune system and makes you more resistant to diseases by enriching your blood with ample supplies of oxygen.

  4. Laughter alleviates pain and gives you a sense of well being through the release of endorphins.

  5. Laughter can lower blood pressure.

  6. Laughter can alleviate depression and anxiety.

  7. Laughter improves lung capacity.

  8. Laughter allows us to be playful and to just feel good by boosting our sense of humor.

  9. Laughter helps you cope with challenges and conflict better.

  10. Laughter Yoga is aerobic exercise and burns calories. Laughter is internal jogging!

  11. Laughter Yoga boosts your self confidence, communication skills and creativity.

  12. Laughter is the shortest distance between two people!

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We look forward to laughing with YOU!

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