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About Bill and Linda

We were introduced to Laughter Yoga in 2008 when we participated in a three day seminar at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Stockbridge, MA led by Bruce Katlin. We had seen Laughter Yoga on "Oprah" and "The Today Show" the year before and had been curious about it. See Linda, Bruce, and Bill in the photo below.

Bill and Linda

We have felt healthier (lower blood pressure!) and happier since the seminar. We enjoyed "laughing for no reason" so much that we starting attending the Wakefield, MA Laugh Club which is almost an hour's drive for us. Our laughter club visits inspired us to bring laughter yoga to south of Boston.

So in April of 2009, we enrolled in a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader training seminar in Chicago. It was given by the head of the American School of Laughter, Sebastien Gentry and was just so much fun! He even showed everyone how to do a special anniversary laughter as it was our anniversary at the time. See Linda, Sebastien, and Bill in the photo below. We look exhausted from all the laughing!

Bill and Linda

We led our own hour session at a retreat in May and due to the success of that session decided to begin our own club in September 2009. We are listed on both Sebastien Gendry's and Dr. Kataria's web sites. There are links to these sites on our ABOUT LAUGHTER YOGA page.

Linda's profile title on Match.com was actually "Let's Laugh" when we met on the site in July of 2002. We were married in April of 2004 and have been laughing together ever since! Since finding Laughter Yoga we are laughing together more and are even laughing alone in our cars. We know that seven days without laughter makes one weak!

After running the club for the first year we decided to improve our skills and become Certified Laughter Yoga Teachers. So in August of 2010 we spent 10 amazing days in Aubuquerque, New Mexico where we trained with Dr. Kataria himself and also attended the annual American Laughter Yoga Conference. Now we can help spread the joy of laughter by training others to be Certified Laugher Yoga Leaders!

Bill and Linda

We have trained with and also assisted Jeffry Briar, the head of the Laughter Yoga Institute in California, with a teacher training. Below is a picture of us with Jeffrey.

Bill and Linda

Then in March 2019 we took another big step in our Laughter Yoga journey. By special invitation from Dr. Kataria, the founder of Laughter Yoga, we took advanced training from him and became Laughter Yoga Master Trainers. We now are authorized to give 5 day Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher trainings. Below is a picture of us with our new Master Trainer certificate!

Bill and Linda Master Trainers

Linda Meditation Teacher CertificateHa Ha Ha