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Let's Laugh Today  Chipper and Giggles
with Bill and Linda Hamaker, Laughter Yoga Master Trainers

Bill and Linda with Dr. Kataria
Bill and Linda with Dr. Kataria,
the creator of Laughter Yoga.


About Let's Laugh Today

We are Bill and Linda HAmaker (yes, it‘s our real name!) and are based in Walpole, MA; U.S.A. Prior to the Pandemic we had monthly Laughter Clubs in Franklin and Sharon, MA. All of our in-person laughter clubs have been temporarily replaced by Zoom laughter clubs. We have been practicing Laughter Yoga for over fifteen years

We would love to run an event for your group on Zoom or in person! We also do birthdays, holidays and other family events.

We are still #1 in Boston Laughter Yoga. We are also www.bostonlaughteryoga.com

We are the only Master Trainer couple in North America!
Many thanks to Chronicle Channel 5 ABC in New England for doing a fantastic job with their segment on Laughter Yoga!
Click here to see the segment.

Chronicle Channel 5 ABC

* 2024 Let's Laugh Today Events *

To have the best experience, please plan to arrive on time, especially if you're new to
Laughter Yoga (also known as Laughing Yoga).
Tuesday, February 27th; 10:30am-11:30am
Laughter Yoga session for Instron
Private Event
Norwood, MA
Wednesday, February 28th; 7:30pm-8:15pm
and every Wednesday - FREE!
The Let's Laugh Today Wacky Wednesday Laughter Club
Members must register for 2024 prior to joining Wednesday's session. Your registration should be good for the rest of the year. To register, Giggle and Click the following link:
You will get a Confirmation Email with the free Zoom link right away.

Click here to convert to other time zones.
Please have water to drink since laughing can dehydrating.
* Laughter Yoga Leader Training *
This will be an on-line training over 3 days.
March 9th-11th, 2024
10am-noon and 2pm-5pm Saturday,
10am-noon and 2pm-5pm Sunday,
7pm-9pm Monday
Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training
This will be our 37th training! We have trained 350 Certified Laughter Yoga Leaders. Check out our leader training page. Laughter Leader Training
Monday, March 11th; noon-1pm ET
Laughter Yoga with the Global Play Brigade
The second Monday of Every Month
"Laughter Yoga for the Global Play Brigade" - Free!
Anyone can attend FUNday Monday!
Click here to register for the event on Eventbrite. After you register on Eventbrite you will be emailed a link to for the event on Zoom.

Global Play Brigade
Thursday, April 11, 2024; 7pm-8:30pm ET
Laughter Yoga for Lexington Community Education
Click here to register for the event. 146 Maple Street, Lexington, MA
Monday, April 29, 2024
and Tuesday, April 30, 2024
Laughter Yoga for Quinsigamond Community College. Two sessions on each day.
330 Mount Auburn St., Cambridge, MA
Sunday, June 2, 2024 Time TBD
Two Laughter Yoga Sessions for Mount Auburn Hospital Survivorship Day.
Worcester, MA
* Laughter Yoga Teacher Training *
Wednesday, August 7th-
Sunday, August 11th, 2024
Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher Training
You must be a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader to take this course. Class is In Person in Massachusetts.

Check out our teacher training page for more details. Email us now at billandlinda@letslaughtoday.com to register. August Training
We are working to increase our visibility on Google Business. If you would like to help you can use the link below to add a review.

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We have been leading laughter sessions since 2009. We hope you come and laugh with us!

We are highlighted in two articles on the laughter yoga international web site!
Laughter Yoga Helped Us to Lighten Up   and  
Laughter Yoga Enhances Relationships

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Laughter Wellness Institute

We took Laughter Wellness Teacher training in April 2016 by Sebastien Gendry who created the American School of Laughter Yoga in 2004 and now heads the Laughter Wellness Institute and the Laughter Online University. He writes:

Thank you Bill and Linda. It was a pleasure to reconnect and laugh with you. I am very impressed by your professionalism, attention to the small details that make all the difference, and unconditional commitment to make this world a better place. You shine. May you thrive!

Sebastien Gendry

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Country Gazette Photo

 With the Katarias

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We are charter members of Laughter Yoga USA and we are on the Laughter Yoga USA Executive Committee which helps to build laughter community in the United States.

We encourage you to also become a charter member of Laughter Yoga USA and support Heatlth, Happiness and World Peace thru Laughter. Click here for details.

We are also members of the American Association of Therapeutic Humor

Bill and Linda Picture
Bill and Linda Picture
Linda and Msdhuri
Bill and Marshmellow Picture
One Minute of Laughter
Laughter Yoga 2.0 Certificate
Global Play Brigade Certificate

About Our Laughter Sessions

Experience all the health benefits of a good belly laugh! No comedy or jokes involved!

Enjoy this unique exercise of laughter and clapping combined with gentle breathing that brings more oxygen to the body's cells. This oxygen boost gives enhanced vitality, energy and a feeling of real well-being.

Any age and any level of physical ability can participate in this uplifting experience! Children are welcome. You can sit or stand. There are no fancy poses.


For more information send an email to billandlinda@letslaughtoday.com

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contact us

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Dr. Madan Kataria, the creator of Laughter Yoga, endorses Bill and Linda.

We are graciously and gratefully accepting donations. Our website, Meetup, and Premium Zoom plan all cost money every month and if you would like to contribute, please click on the button below.

Click here to see story about us and Laughter Yoga on Boston's NBC 10 that aired in April 2019!

Click here to watch our webinar on Working Together as a Couple to Spread Laughter Yoga.

Click here to watch us in a laughter yoga session organized by Debbie Lyn Toomey as part of her 30-Day Self Care For Nurses.

Click here to watch us being interviewed by Mary Rubino for the Naturally Speaking show on Medway Cable Access in December 2015.

Click here to hear us being interviewed on the WROL 950am for their Around Town radio program on August 29, 2015.

Click here to see an article we wrote for the Spirit of Change magazine in February 2019.

Click here to see an article we wrote in the Innovation Excellence website in December 2013.

Click here to hear us being interviewed on the Eye of the Storm radio show
on February 18, 2012.

Click here to see a video of the one year anniversary of Let's Laugh Today Laughter Club - September 2010.

Click here for the latest club news.


One way to laugh every day is to call "Laughter on the Phone". They have seven 20 minute laughter sessions every day!
Click here
for details.

Laughter clubs are non-political, non-religious and non-profit organizations.

The vision of Laughter Yoga is to achieve Health, Joy and World Peace through laughter.

To read more about Laughter Yoga and laughter clubs click here.

For testimonials about our laughter club click here.

Click here to hear laughter from one of our laughter clubs.

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Free Small Dog Meetup
We also run a small dog Meetup. So if you live in MA and have a small dog you can meet Chipper and Giggles in person. Click here to go to the meetup.

Chipper and Giggles

LY 25th Anniversary
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Lets Laugh Today Laughter Club


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bill and linda

bill and linda

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Play is the Way
Eating with Dr K and Madhuri Linda with Dr K and Madhuri Bill with Dr K and Madhuri Linda Master Trainer Bill Master Trainer


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